The fashion industry knows what consumers want to wear, often before they do. Recently, fashion houses have been predicting that we will soon be using our clothing not only to look good, but to communicate, and learn from our behaviours. Integrating wearable technology into a wave of new designs offers everyday consumers the opportunity to interact with fashion.

Certificates in Fashion Technology

Typically, fashion technology is an area of study offered as a Certificate of Achievement or Certificate of Completion program at community colleges in the United States. Students learn the fundamentals of the fashion business and learn to design men, women and children's clothing and accessories. Other focus areas are window displays, design software and issues in fashion merchandising. Coursework covers a broad range of fashion studies, including courses that teach draping, fashion modeling and design materials. Other topics of discussion include:
  • Fashion terminology
  • Sewing
  • Design elements
  • Inventory
  • Fashion business management

Associate's Degree Programs in Fashion Technology

Offered as an Associate of Applied Science, the program's curriculum includes concentration areas like fashion design, merchandising and illustration. Students in the fashion design option learn to sketch original designs, use computer-aided design programs and construct apparel. The merchandising option teaches skills like fashion buying, promotion and marketing, and the illustration option includes training in manufacturing, textiles and typography. Students complete fashion technology courses in traditional classrooms and design studios where they work with textiles, fabrics and fashion materials. Coursework includes topics like:
  • Marketing trends
  • Retail
  • Fashion accessories
  • Digital design
  • Tailoring

Popular Career Options

Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in the fashion industry, including jobs at fashion design studios and advertising and marketing firms. Fashion technology graduates may pursue the following jobs:
  • Fashion designer
  • Retail associate
  • Tailor